In the past, the Hijab Exchange would feature a fashion styling challenge! This year, I updated the challenge to Modest Moxie!  I provide the wardrobe and The Modest Fix (crave-worthy jewelry for only $5) and the challengers put their skills to the test!   We had a total of 5 challengers!   Each challenger had 3 minutes to style and 2 minutes to present their looks to the audience!  The audience made it rain with petals for their 2 favorite looks!  The one with the most MOXIE wins!  Here's a little snippet video of a challenger in action!

I highly encourage and invite you to pop-over on Facebook to join my new VIP group The Modest Fix to view the winning looks and stylish $5 jewelry up close!  If you don't fancy Facebook but still want to shop The Modest Fix, click button below!

Here are the 3rd place and 1st place winners!  First Place won a fabulous Monogram Multi-way Tote by Henkaa!  If you fancy one click the image and use my code 10LB1033 for $10 off your total order! =)