I ♡ Modesty



I fell in love with Modesty when I truly understood and embraced the freedom of self expression in Islam.  My mom told me that I have always been a modest girl even when I was little. She would try to get me to wear cute strappy dresses and short skirts but I would refuse to show so much skin. Now mind you, these dresses were adorable and typically made for Florida weather and the skirts were knee length which was appropriate for little girls......just not me.  So fast forward to my late 20s, I embraced Islam. My Mom wasn't too surprised as she knew me well. She understood my attraction to Islam and told me that it fits your natural personality! Masha'Allah, so my love for modesty runs deep and I love helping women to discover, nurture and embrace modesty for cultivating their own freedom of self expression and living stylishly ever-after.

Do you love Modesty?  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

xo Bellamy