Greetings of peace and blessings to you all and thank you for stopping by iStyle.Modesty!  My name is Bellamy and I am overjoyed and honored that you are here.  2015 marks the fourth year of launching my lifestyle agency and I am truly grateful for the success and support I have been blessed with thus far.   My purpose for blogging this year is to share my story and give you strategies to Manifest your Stylish Life with Modest Flair!  I hope that giving insight on how I discovered modesty and how it has changed my life will be of benefit to you! 


I am originally from Florida (Go NOLES!) but I firmly believe I was misplaced at birth.  As I will always and forever will be a native New Yorker, particularly a Harlem-ite at heart!   I have an obsession with all things stylish.  From fashion to furniture to file folders, I love it all.  My full name is Lakisha Bellamy, but I prefer you call me Bellamy as it’s more stylish, don’t you agree?  I like to dance and music inspires and moves me.   I consider music as the soundtrack of my life. There are so many moments in my life that can be expressed with a song!  And yes I do have a wide variety of theme songs.

I got mad love for my sistahood and it is this love the fuels my passion to share with them my knowledge and experiences that can improve their quality of life and save them from unnecessary drama. I always say….”No Sistah left behind…if I got it, she got it too!”  I strive to be of service to my community and clients who I treat as my sisters too!   I have a beautiful family and I am happily married now, SECOND TIME AROUND ;-)  

It’s been a long time coming but I now know this life is not a destination.  It’s a journey and I CHOOSE to live it with modest style.  You are invited to share your story and I sincerely hope you will join me in this pursuit.   #StyleYourLife  #LiveModest #BeStylish #BeAuthentic #Mod4Life #GoModest #ConsumeLess #CreateMore

xoxo Muah!!

Modestly Yours,