We know what a wardrobe is and we also know what modesty means.  So naturally the next question to address is What is a Modest Wardrobe?   

A modest wardrobe is a streamlined cohesive collection of clothing owned by a person that truly reflects the owner’s authentic self expression and lifestyle with versatility.

The major benefit of a modest wardrobe is that it is the Gateway to Stylish Living. Remember the clarity and inspiration that is cultivated is contagious.  You will begin to desire the same level of expression in every other aspect of your life.  You will want to declutter and streamline everything in your living space and your workspace.  Your family will be inspired as well.  They will notice your liberation and will want it for themselves. 

If you are interested in acquiring a modest wardrobe and lifestyle, I must warn you that it will be a transitional process that will take time.  It is a journey in clearing out emotional baggage, self inspection and internalizing new concepts of being.  Do consider your mindset and emotions will need time to reconcile the process of letting go of old habits and sentimental things so patience with your self will be needed as you begin to actively STYLE YOUR LIFE.  

Simplifying our wardrobes clarifies our communication to others about who we are and minimizes the distractions so our personality takes center stage.  Moderation in our consumption streamlines our daily habits which creates more constructive use of time and space.  Getting organized clears the way to be inspired and more productive in the essential activities that matters to us most.  

Upgrade your quality of life!  LIVE MODEST. BE STYLISH.