The Pre-Ramadan Kickoff Event was AMAZING!!

The afternoon jump-started off with my Rock Your Ramadan Workshop!  Sisters learned how to simplify with modesty as they prepare for Ramadan, our holy month of fasting.  

We began with Taking Inventory by identifying the tasks and activities that we liked the most and those we disliked.  As we went thorough this process, we were able to determine which tasks/activities to opt out completely and which tasks to delegate.  Attendees, were to record the delegated tasks on their worksheet and include the name of person taking over the task and date for the task to completed.  I gave the tip for training the person on how to do the task properly and to have a trial period so they could demonstrate their skills in completing the task on their own.  This is imperative to the success of delegating tasks and finally freeing up your time! =)

Next I taught my Modesty Method to help organize and minimize the stress in the remaining tasks they have selected for themselves.  I gave the priority to Clear the Clutter first!

No matter how you try to get organized, if you don't have a clutter-free space to retreat to everyday, you'll never have peace of mind to thrive and rejuvenate.   


When these 2 spaces are in order, your quality of life will improve drastically!  

Check out this blog post to get a demo on how to use the Modesty Method for your worship during Ramadan!  

Of course I share specific tips during the Q & A session and wrapped up the workshop with a fabulous door prize!  

We had a wonderful time and I pray this workshop was immensely beneficial.