We've defined wardrobe as a collection of clothing and /or costumes owned by a person or theatrical company.  Now, let’s really flip the script for a moment to discuss Modesty.  Back in the day, when I thought of modesty, I pictured a woman who is shy, quiet, soft spoken and humble in demeanor.  She is dressed in a very none descriptive way, hardly noticeable in a crowd.  Her clothing does not fit her well, so she looks frumpy. So it’s assumed that she is dateless on Friday nights and that she is probably a bookworm too.  What comes to mind when you think of modesty? 

Today the concept of modesty has changed a bit.  So let’s start with the obvious.  Most people think in terms of how much skin is shown and how much of a woman’s figure is revealed.  The perception of respect can be directly related to the length of a woman’s skirt hem and how much cleavage is revealed. 

Due to the acceptable amount of skin shown today has gone to an extreme, it is very difficult to find a balance without feeling lost in the matrix.   So naturally when the extremes have been reached, the cycle reverses to the opposite end of the spectrum.  So we find the resurgence of covering up is becoming more popular.   Hence supporting the initial perception that the covered girl (that’s me) is the expert on modesty.  I am sure that it was assumed that I would be discussing the proper fit of garments, where to shop for modest clothes, what colors are more modest than others and what are the latest trends.  While those topics are interesting and fun, they do not capture the true essence of modesty.

Now let’s move on to the not so obvious concept of modesty.  The one that has motivated and appealed to me long before I became a covered girl. Modesty defined is simplicity and moderation.  This concept can bring harmony and peace when it is ideally applied to the self first.   

Unfortunately, society has ignited and fueled the desire to consume more than we need and it has facilitated the perceived need to play various characters and acquire additional roles to satisfy an insatiable desire to consume.  This has had detrimental consequences to our well being.  As a result the need to simplify and organize our lives has become epidemic.  Moderation is the key to diminishing our desires to live beyond our means.  When the excess and the distractions are removed, the true essence can be seen with clarity and inspiration is cultivated.  Once this concept is applied to the self, it is contagious and permeates to every other aspect of life.  The world gets to truly see the real you.  This is the beauty of modesty, internalized.  Freedom of self-expression without distraction.