By definition a wardrobe is a collection of clothing and /or costumes owned by a person or theatrical company. Now what is interesting, is that at some point, we have all owned enough clothing and costumes disguised as clothing to fully stock a theatrical company of our own called LIFE! We start out dressing for the multiple characters we play along with accumulating the necessary props for each of these roles.  Not to mention, as life goes on, some roles are retired while new ones are acquired yet we don’t realize this accumulation cycle continues without being checked. 

Until finally, we feel “the disconnect” from ourselves.  We are overwhelmed with this massive wardrobe of costumes that is disguised as clothing that has taken over most of our home and making us feel like we have nothing to wear.  We are exhausted from all the costume changes and keeping up with all the stuff that has been accumulated for these roles.  Not to mention we discover that one or more of the roles we are playing isn’t who we really are or want to be anymore!   We realize we really want to be our true selves regardless of the various roles we have to play.

Then it finally occurs to us that we have been the supporting cast and not the leading lady!  Oh SNAP!  That’s it. That’s the Glitch! We start to ponder, how can just one person be the entire supporting cast? It’s insane that we have been dividing ourselves into so many parts.  Quality character development or expression cannot flourish in such a manner of division. Yet we do it and have been doing it for most of our lives.  We have actually achieved some success by operating this way.  However, our true self can only be the understudy for so long.  The desire to be Center Stage becomes more evident and we realize It‘s time to “Flip the Script”.   We are no longer the supporting cast.  We want to be the Leading Lady.  The Leading Lady can authentically express herself in every scene regardless of which role she is playing AND with far less costume changes.  In fact with a little practice, the leading lady in no longer playing…..she is being. 

Now as dramatic as that may sound, everyone may not be at this stage at the moment but most of us can identify with facing our need to be authentic in all that we do.  Clothing is the communication tool we use to give a visual expression of who we are.  At some point, when we realize our leading lady potential, we are ready to close the doors of our theatrical company and downsize our costumes for a collection of clothing reflective of the leading lady we desire to be.  So please take a moment to consider if your wardrobe is a cohesive collection of CLOTHING OR COSTUMES fit for A LEADING LADY?