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Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Bellamy worked with me in the depths of my closet to clear years of collected clothing that I was no longer wearing, or was not flattering, yet was still somehow attached to. It was an eight hour process. Four huge bags of clothing were removed. She was a pleasure to work with and was strong and skilled in assisting me to release what was no longer useful and pass it on to others. She was also helpful in putting things together in new and expressive ways. I can actually find my best clothes now and create lovely outfits. She is a Godsend!”
— Louise Northcutt, MS, M.Ed
Wonderful - great experience. I will use them again and again to help keep my wardrobe updated and for a corporate events. Thanks.
— Louise Rubel, Manager, Intercontinetal Hotels Group
Bellamy is an accomplished fashion stylist. Her eye for color and fashion detail is impeccable. First class all the way.
— Sumiyyah Rasheed, CEO, Ann Nahari
Bellamy gave me very clear information on my profile photos and clothes to wear for my signature talk in just a 19 minute phone call! I highly recommend her.
— Marcey Rader, Health and Productivity Coaching for High Achievers
Bellamy made it easy to coordinate a new wardrobe during a period in my life when I had ‘no time’ to spend thinking about what to wear. She did the heavy lifting to find things that I would like and fit well with my lifestyle needs. Well done! Lynne
— Lynne Ingersoll, xplorleadership
Bellamy helped me to find the right style for my professional wardrobe. She reviewed the clothing, accessories and jewelry I currently own and developed a recommendation to add, subtract and mix current items in new ways. Bellamy is professional stylist who works within your goals and budget to created fresh, updated looks.
— Cheryl Syrett Communications Consultant at Syrett Communications LLC
Bellamy was extremely helpful and thorough. Additionally, she has a high level of integrity and is personable.
— Silvette Bullard Pieces & Peace Counseling LLP: Counselor, Advocate, Educator
I have known Mrs.Bellamy in both a personal and professional capacity. She is a highly professional, creative, and very talented businesswoman. Her vision and initiative will take her far. I would highly recommend her and believe that she is an inspiration to many young woman and would be an asset to any company or organization that she leads.
— Sara Schauer Director of Business Development at Athena Academy
Bellamy and her assistant were so great!!! Very professional yet very creative. They went totally above and beyond, coming up with so many new ideas of what to do with what I had, fun new looks, answering questions and consulting, and had some terrific advice for how to reorganize my closet. So helpful to have advice about your actual space not just one size fits all stuff in magazines. Incredibly nice ladies too. It was so fun and such a valuable service. Well worth it, and I will definitely plan to call them again in spring or next shopping trip! I’d definitely be a repeat customer.
— Laura Winn, VP, Client Solutions at CMI
What do I say? Where do I begin? My personal shopping experience with Bellamy was just perfect. We figured out very quickly and easily what styles worked for my body type, my budget, and for the occasion. I’m guilty of seeing an array of colors and new styles but I never know what to do with them. What looks good with what or how to add a pop of color and where. Today, I didn’t have to worry about any of that. Bellamy has a great eye. And is a genius at pulling it all together.I’m feeling very confident about the new looks; and, am trying some new color combinations too! Point blank... “I wasn’t ready!”. This experience really made my day and I can’t wait to showcase all my new goodies! Thanks Bellamy, you did an awesome job!
— Su Clark, Customer Loyalty Engineer, CiGi Consulting LLC
This service was very helpful, in many ways, and well worth the time.
— Shannon Brown, Senior HRMS Analyst, Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton LLP
Excellent job. Gave more time and attention than expected. Very knowledgeable on style and organization. Will refer to others and call back for help
— Linda Mayhand, CEO, Trinity Industrial Supply
Just one consultation with Bellamy and I was able to see exactly how to best utilize the space available and transform it into one that I love!
— Tavona Denise, Weight Loss & Fitness Coach, Food Lover, Fitness Junkie
I wanted to take the time to personally thank Bellamy for her time and excellent advice to help me improve the looks in my wardrobe with great accents and accessories as well as organizational tips. I will be implementing her suggestions. Thank you!
— Shahidah Sharif, Hajj Tour Guide
I hired Bellamy to help me edit my closet and help me come up with some professional outfits with what remained. She was extremely competent. We had about 6 bags of clothes to donate when we finished and she came up with 6 new outfits that she created, took pictures of and sent me the results. My favorite suggestion was treating my shoes like artwork and display them. So right when I walk into my closet, my fun shoes are the first thing I see! I highly recommend Bellamy!
— Melissa Uppelschoten, Rational Sales Specialist at IBM
Lakisha is someone I worked with for many years. She was absolutely wonderful to work with. She is a tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team. A self sacrificing person, putting the needs of the organisation before her self. I was most impressed by her soft nature, and her unyielding approach to pressure. Her show of absolute reliance on Allah as her sole trustee touched me deeply. I would highly recommend her for any position, as she naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something she is passionate about
— Harun Rashid Entrepreneur & Investor
I am so glad that I met Bellamy at the Power Networking Breakfast. I immediately took to her spirit and energy and enlisted her service to get my personal space more organized. I appreciated the fact that Bellamy took time to get to know me, both professionally and personally. This aided her in designing the best organization plan for me.

The results were phenomenal. My closet looked amazing and Bellamy left me with great tips that could impact other aspects of my life. In addition to organizing my closet, Bellamy gave me styling tips and put together pieces that I never would have thought about. Because of Bellamy, I was motivated to organize other parts of my house so that it was less cluttered and easier to navigate. Thank you Bellamy for a job well done!!
— Akilah Charlemagne, SPHR
Bellamy’s professionalism and knowledge of the fashion industry is outstanding! She is my #1 go to person about fashion and about organizing my space. She has a wonderful talent of drawing out your inner personality that will help her find your perfect wardrobe style. Her fashion advice is to be trusted 100%!
— Siri M Carrion, Designer
I was pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied with the way Bellamy organized and redirected my daughters closet. Bellamy was able to make what was originally nothing but a cluttered mix of clothing for different occasions and different ages into an wardrobe of clearly defined, age specific, neatness. She even organized my daughters books, sorting out those that were below my five-year-olds reading level from those that were at her level and beyond. Bellamy has truly inspired me to maintain and upkeep my daughters wardrobe but to Bellamy’s credit, it’s not nearly as professionally manicured as the day Bellamy organized my little one’s closet.
— Kimya Sulayman, Nursing Student
Bellamy is a wonderful fashion consultant. She helped me determine which prints and garments works best for my frame. In addition she spoke with my chapter in the American Business Women’s Association on the differences between Business Casual and Business Chic. I’m still getting rave reviews from her presentation.
— Kim N Carswell Brand Catalyst For Professionals and Business Owners. 3X Author, Social Media Enthusiast and Aspiring Golfer
Lakisha is a hard working professional who is very determined with whatever she puts her mind to. I had the pleasure with working with her at Silk Route Clothing- Such and energy fueled individual with lots to offer
— Fazila PATEL Head Buyer at Islamic Design House